‘The Grandmaster’ kicks into theaters

The highly-anticipated story of martial arts master Ip Man, the man who trained Bruce Lee took six years to get from script to screen.

One doesn’t have to be a connoisseur of martial arts to appreciate this visual masterpiece.

Exhilarating, entertaining and astonishing, it portrays the world of martial arts artists with extraordinary authenticity.

Inspired by the life and times of kung fu master Ip Man, who passed away in 1972, and directed by Wong Kar Wai, the movie focuses on Ip’s life roughly from the 1930s to the ’50s, and includes his role in dealing with rivalries among Northern and Southern Chinese kung fu schools and his later experiences teaching martial arts in Hong Kong.

Starring Tony Leung as Ip, the legend who taught Bruce Lee, it’s more of a biopic which weaves in Chinese history than a mere martial arts movie. It’s a story which spans the tumultuous Republican era that followed the fall of China’s last dynasty  —  a time of chaos and also the golden age of Chinese martial arts.

Filmed in a range of picturesque locations that include the snow-swept landscapes of Northeast China and the subtropical South, it also stars a trio of international superstars; Ziyi Zhang and Chang Chen who all underwent several years of rigorous and extremely challenging kung fu training for their roles.

Few things are as delectably enjoyable as martial arts films. Solidly researched with brilliantly choreographed battles and jaw dropping fight scenes, “The Grandmaster” combines great combat with a story that actually makes it worth the ticket price.

“The Grandmaster” is currently out in theaters

Pictured Chen Chang: (Courtesy of The Weinstein Company)

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