“The King of Fire” Turns the Echo Plex Temperature To Red Hot

“This year I have seen most of the big reggae shows in the Los Angeles areas with Chronixx, Jesse Royal and Jah9 in concert and I still put Capleton’s performance above them all, hands down it’s the number one show.”

Capleton at the DubClub-LA

Capleton at the DubClub-LA

Over the years the DubClub-LA has evolved into a popular Wednesday night spot, but this special Saturday night event was a good look for the organizers of the Capleton show. It was a Tom Chasteen and the Echo Plex presentation, and from the crowd turn out it was a successful night knowing its wasn’t one of their weekly mid-week reggae night.

Kristin Kordich, a frequent patron on the reggae night had this to say after seeing Capleton’s performance, “I thought it was good and I’m looking forward to seeing him again perform this weekend.”

No wonder, on June 17th, Capleton will be the headliner closing out the Saturday night at this years’ 24th annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, SNWMF. He is expected to pull in fans from near and far.

“Capleton performance is the best reggae show I’ve seen so far since the start of the year,” said another club’s patron, Jacqueline Boucher, after a long stage performance by the King of Fire, held at the famous DubClub this weekend.

Gappy Ranks

Gappy Ranks

The night kicks off with London born reggae artist Jacob William aka Gappy Ranks, unleashing some of his popular tunes like, “Heaven in Her Eyes,” “Tomorrow Loves You,” “Put the Stereo On” and “Stinkin’ Rich” are songs from his playlist he performs with his band. During his performance Gappy was heard telling the crowd that the night belongs to Capleton and he will be partying with them when the headliner hit the stage.

Ms Boucher told CaribPress she is a long time Capleton’s fan and wouldn’t have miss this show for nothing.

When asked what would she say to Capleton if you get the chance to meet him backstage. Her answer was, “I have seen him at many, many concerts, at the St. Mary Mi Come From concert, Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica, Reggae SumFest, the Ragamufin Festival that was in Long Beach, Jah Cure Fest in Trelawney 2007, Welcome to JamRock Cruise in 2015, many times but never seen him by himself on stage working so long with his Prophesy band. After this Saturday’s performance I have a more higher respect for him, and I love him.”

She added “This year I have seen most of the big reggae shows in the Los Angeles areas which includes Chronixx, Jesse Royal and Jah9 in concert and I still put Capleton’s performance above them all, hands down it’s the number one show.”

Clifton G. Bailey III aka Capleton, introduced himself as the “King of Fire” on stage during his act giving the reggae fans who paid to see him their monies worth. Dropping songs like “Jah Jah City,” “That Day Will Come,” “Who Dem,” ”Wings of the Morning,” “Raggy Road,” “Slew Dem,” and “In Her Heart” are amongst his playlist he performed. There was never a dull moment as the 50 years old Rastafarian artist leaps in the mid air throughout his 75 minutes high-energy act setting his fans in a frenzy.

The King of Fire took the packed club on a roller coaster ride from song to song taken from his 28 years career long catalog list. He took the crowd back to the late 80’s with dancehall hit like “No Lotion Man” bringing them to his present day hits “Jah Protects My Life,” “Rock Stone” a song he collaborates with Stephen Marley and Sizzla Kalonji, and “It Was Written” featuring him, Damian Marley, Stephen Marley and artist Drag On.

Near to the closing of his act Capleton called the LA based dancehall artist Jah Malo, who performs a couple songs then exit the stage.

CaribPress caught up with the Rastafarian artist backstage and he had a lot to say. In a lengthy and almost non-stop sentences the King of Fire gave a brief lecture about his philosophy and share his gratitude to angelenos for their support.

He commences, “Rastafari is the Almighty and keep the fire burning. It was a joy being here, the fire is tune up in Los Angeles, and to receive a lot of love from the people. I saw people from all different races and all different nations. Good to know this great reggae music can bring forth so much people together under one banner singing the same songs hailing Rastafari, sharing the love, the joy and the blessing. It’s all about unity, it’s not all about money and the materialistic things; it’s all about the blessing and not all about the fame, its all about righteousness, it’s all about we represented good over evil, life over death, money over war. We say righteousness exalted the nation, sin is a reproach.”

And without taking a breather he continues, “we never stop burn the fire, and the fire is for the purification and preservation of soul, its not a literal fire, the fire is metaphorical, the fire comes through word, sound and power. It’s all about being yourself, know who you are and knowing where you come from in order to know where you’re going; never be a traitor or sell out to your heritage, your culture, your philosophy, your curriculum, always stand up and defend yourself, be courageous and don’t be a coward on the battlefield, and alway remember Jah lived and ruled; remember 1930 at the coronation Haile Selassie I, the first was crowned Lord of Lords, King of Kings, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Power of the Trinity, seek the ark of the covenant, Rastafari liveth and reigns and I say that practically without any apology, and that’s why we (Rastas) always shout, Only Emanuel I, Selassie I, Jah Rastafari I; it’s all about self esteem, self awareness, self reliance, self taught, self control, it’s all about being you, believe in yourself, know who you are, never stoop to the limitation of Babylon or accept their folly; it’s not everything you see out there you should grab it up and accept it and saying it’s all good and thank you; you should take time out to read, analyze it, calculate, run the surveys, find the truth, the truth is within yourself, alway look within, always remember the ultimate is self determination; one hands wash the other, and one hand can’t clap, blood is thicker than water, and unity is strength.”

Capleton, Chronixx, Gappy Ranks, and Gentleman are amongst the line-up for this 3 Day-weekend Sierra Nevada Music Festival starting Friday, June 17th thru Sunday, June 18th, 2017.

Epiphany Artists presents 24th Annual Summer Solstice & World Peace Celebration, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival (SNWMF) will take place at Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Booneville, CA. For more info visit their site at www.snwmf.com

For more about the reggae artist Capleton next performances, tour dates and venue locations visit at www.capletonmusic.com

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