‘The Power of Love’ offers a message of deliverance

Directed by Tyler Maddox (“Love Chronicles”), this faith based drama follows several individuals who overcome obstacles through the power of love.

Vivica A. Fox (“Kill Bill”) plays a book author called PJ Payton who has written a faith based book on relationships. Considered the love expert, she’s invited on K-Love, a radio talk show to discuss the best-selling book and share relationship advice on the book which is titled The Power of Love. Once the phones lines are opened and callers are invited to share their stories, what follows next is a series of callers sharing testimonies and tales of woe.

One is struggling with the idea of staying single after discovering Christianity while another recently left an abusive relationship. All, we are led to believe through the calls, which are all reenacted, found the strength to go on through the power of love.

An inspirational movie aptly titled, at its heart is a warm and positive message.

Veteran actors Wood Harris (“The Wire”) who has a small role as a guest on the station and Fox are convincing enough in their roles, but they don’t have enough scenes to pull the plot together. What could have emerged is a movie full of authenticity,  but instead it’s poorly executed and riddled with far too much dialogue.

Some of the characters lack conviction, there are pacing problems, and the acting from some of the lesser known cast is lackluster and stilted.

Maddox’s attempt to show how people can change their lives simply by the power of love should be lauded for its message of redemption and deliverance, although the journey getting to that message is a tedious one.

Also starring Malik Barnhardt (“Next Day Air”), Joe Torry (“Love Overboard”) with a running time of 


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