The Scientist announces top 10 Innovations of 2018

Each year,  The Scientist strives to identify the latest and greatest tools, technologies, and techniques to hit the life-science landscape.

10 Innovations of 2018This year’s selection of winning products runs the gamut from a benchtop tool for antibody discovery in single cells and a high-throughput microfluidic platform for analyzing single-cell DNA data, to an acoustic cell sorter and an open-access alternative to Cas9 enzymes.

1)    Cyto-Mine (Sphere Fluidics) – This new single-cell technology allows researchers to screen up to 40 million cells for a desired property, such as specific antibody secretion, and to then dispense and image cells that fit the bill into microtiter plates.

2)    Tapestri (Mission Bio) – Tapestri is a microfluidic platform for high-throughput, single-cell DNA sequencing sample prep that can handle up to 10,000 cells simultaneously.

3)    Fluidity One (Fluidic Analytics) – This protein-analysis tool calculates the average size of proteins in a sample and also measures their concentration.

4)    Chromium Immune Repertoire Profiling Solution (10X Genomics) – This technology allows researchers to distinguish each and every T and B cell in a sample, along with the genetic sequence of the Y-shape receptors on each cell.

5)    Omnitrap (Fasmatech) – Omnitrap is a radio frequency ion trap that processes proteins of even high molecular weights—a limitation of older trapping technologies—to gain information on the molecules’ sequences, structures, and molecular interactions.

6)    Acouwash (AcouSort) – AcouWash can wash cells from one medium to another, enrich or concentrate cell samples, and separate cells based on size, all using ultrasound.

7)    Dharmacon Edit-R Fluorescent Cas9 Nuclease mRNA (Horizon Discovery) – This mRNA codes for a nuclease that circumvents the problem of off-target cutting by lingering Cas9 nucleases during CRISPR-based genome editing.

8)    MAD7 (Inscripta) – The sequence for this novel DNA-cutting enzyme is available online for all research and development uses.

9)    Tycho (NanoTemper Technologies) – Tycho makes performing quality control of protein samples quick—a single run takes just three minutes—and informative, yielding data on protein–nucleic acid binding.

10)    BD AbSeq Assay (BD) – This product allows researchers to simultaneously analyze RNA and protein levels in thousands of Congratulations to all of this year’s winners.

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