‘There would be no Dr. Phil without Oprah,” says Dr. Phil as he receives a star in Hollywood

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce presented Dr. Phil McGraw with the 2,688th star for the duration of a ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday.

Dr. Phil McGrawDr Phil McGraw, who burst onto the national stage through appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s daytime talk show in the late 1990s has received a star in Hollywood.

He was honored with the 2,688th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today.

He was surrounded by family, including wife Robin, Country music singer-songwriter Ronnie Dunn and Hollywood movie mogul Tyler Perry who took to the podium to present the plaque and pay tribute to the TV presenter. Also in attendance was actress Kathy Bates, Sheryl Underwood, Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Andrew Ordon and CBS television executive Carla Pennington.

Dr. Phil first thanked his wife Robin, who he says has believed in him for 46 years and Oprah who he credited for mentoring him stating, “There would be no Dr. Phil without Oprah.”

He also praised television producer Carla Pennington, who has been working with him ‘since the very beginning’ and gave a shout out to ‘the best team in television’.

He reflected on the support he received from his mother during his formative years, but admitted his father had his doubts.

He said: ‘Dad if you’re listening and naysayers along the way I just wanna tell you a story. I made it. End of story.’

One of the most well-known and trusted mental health professionals in the world, Dr Phil  is the host of TV’s #1 daytime talk show, “Dr Phil. ” Now in its 17th season, this trailblazing and award-winning show continues to provide the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television.

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