Trinidadian drama ‘She Paradise’ will release in theaters

Samuel Goldwyn Films will be releasing the film in theaters, on-demand and digital on November 19th.


The coming-of-age drama from director Maya Cozier is finally getting its screen debut.

The drama which follows a Trinidadian girl whose​ world ​changes​ when she meets a group of Soca dancers is a vibrant coming-of-age film about sisterhood and the joy of dance and has screened at several film festivals including AFI Fest.

In “She Paradise ,” 17 year old Sparkle discovers a free spirited group of Soca dancers at a car show in the bustling streets of downtown Trinidad. Enamored by the glimpse of sisterhood, she uses her wit to convince them to take her under their wing. The women bring Sparkle into a dizzying nightlife of partying, glamour, and money, but as things spiral out of control, Sparkle is forced to make some tough decisions.

Starring Onessa Nestor, Kimberly Crichton, Chelsey Rampersad and Denisia Latchman  the film hits theaters, On Demand and Digital on November 19.

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