Usain Bolt cuts ties with Australian football team

The fastest man in the universe will no longer be playing football with Central Coast Mariners.

Usain runs track in doc I am BoltThe eight-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt’s plans to become a football have been kicked to the curb.

The Jamaican medalist who had gone to Australia to pursue his dream of becoming a professional footballer with the Central Coast Mariners  and despite having been in discussions with several “promising” potential commercial partners, the club and Bolt had amicably concluded a deal would not be struck.

“Despite the fact that we could not come to an agreement that would continue Usain Bolt’s football journey with the Central Coast Mariners, we’ve been thrilled to have the Olympic champion sprinter and world record holder as part of our club for these past eight weeks,” Central Coast Mariners owner, Mike Charlesworth, said. “For the Mariners, it’s been a pleasure to work with Usain as he pursued his desire to become a professional football player.”

Bolt debuted for the Mariners over two months ago and in his second trial match scored twice. Despite the goals – one well-taken, one a tap into an empty net – and a clear improvement in his level of football fitness between those two games, serious questions remained over his general play and ability to turn into an elite athlete in a second sport.

The Mariners insisted from the outset that Bolt would be given every opportunity to prove himself – he was promised an indefinite training period that could have lasted up to a year – but for all the clear commercial benefits that investment could potentially bring, there were doubts from the outset about his chances of success on the pitch.

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