Weinstein’s TWC-Dimension teams up with Endgame

Both companies will work together on a movie which is a throwback to Agatha Christie novels.

Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s TWC-Dimension announced today that they are teaming up with Endgame on the action whodunit comedy “Murder Mystery”.

In the film, a married couple takes the honeymoon they never had in hopes of saving their struggling marriage, but soon find themselves in the middle of their very own murder mystery when one of their fellow cruise passengers is found dead.  They must travel across Europe to discover the true murderer’s identity while trying to reignite the spark to their relationship.

The second film to be announced under the new moniker TWC-Dimension that has the brothers working together on films for which they share a common passion.  Several other projects are also in negotiations under TWC-Dimension that will be announced at a later date.

“Murder Mystery” is a throwback to Agatha Christie novels with a comedic spin.  We have been huge fans of Anne Fletcher for years and have wanted to work with her.  This film seems like the perfect project to team up with Anne, Endgame and Tripp,” said Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein, co-chairmen of The Weinstein Company.

TWC-Dimension has Bob and Harvey teaming up in acquiring, developing, producing and distributing films for which they both share a common passion.  Although Bob and Harvey have built their company working side by side, they have been primarily responsible for their own labels, Harvey focusing on TWC and Bob on Dimension Films.  TWC-Dimension will allow for the brothers to join forces and combine some of the core prestigious sensibilities of a TWC film as well as the mainstream sensibilities of a Dimension film.

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