“Which way is Out” – Opening Night

Overall this was a good play that shows Jamaican culture in a positive light. A must see for those who love plays. The show runs for 2 hours with 10 minutes intermission. “Which way is Out” runs through May 26th at Stage 52 in Los Angeles.

“Which Way Is Out” written by Basil Dawkins and directed by Jeffery Anderson-Gunter

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – (Sunday, May 5, 2013) – “Which way is Out” centers on a young Jamaican woman, Monica, played by Andrea Meshel, who comes from humble beginnings in rural St. Mary, Jamaica.

She met Matthew Nisonsky (Jason Thomas), an American Caucasian tourist, while he was vacationing in Jamaica – they fell in love and got married.

After the wedding, Matthew returned to the US.  Months later he traveled to Jamaica to take his newlywed bride back to his family home in Texas.  There, she met her husband’s sister Eva, dubbed the evil one of the twin to the loving and caring Ava.

The couple had a short life together.  Unfortunately, Monica became homeless and luckily run into Jah Collie played by Lif Kerai, a Jamaican Rastaman chef who offers her a hand up.

Jah Colie was comical and adds much laughter to the play, as he carries on his Rasta dialog.

Monica went through a roller coaster ride and returned to Jamaica a rich lady.  The story had a happy ending – A rags to riches story.

The sound tracks had a variety of tunes from various reggae artistes including I-Octane, Los Angeles based Edee and others that added depth to the play through its messages in the songs.

Michael Boucher not only was the set designer but had cameo, playing a police officer who arrested Monica and Ava.

Among the first distinguished viewers to see the Caribbean play was Sheryl Lee-Ralph, and other guests.

The play was written by Basil Dawkins, directed by Jeffery Anderson-Gunter and produced by Marcus B Entertainment.

At the end, director Anderson-Gunter shed tears onstage while talking about the challenges they endured to bring the play to the stage.

Gunter openly acknowledged Ms. Lorne Oliver for opening her home for the rehearsals.

Overall this was a good play that shows Jamaican culture in a positive light.  A must see for those who love plays.  The show runs for 2 hours with 10 minutes intermission with refreshments on sale.

Cast Members: Andrea Meshel , Philicia (Monica); Shauna Chin, Catherine “Fumi” Cummings (Miss Chin); Jason Thomas (Matthew Nisonsky); Winston Bailey, Theodore Martinez, (Eustace); Stacey Taylor, Tianna Cohen-Paul (Interviewer); Rebekah Tripp, Pat Loeb (Ava/Eva); Lij Kerai, Mark Anthony Williams, (Jah Collie); Shanae Humphrey, Cortnie Crayon (Sophie); and Policeman (Michael Boucher).

“Which way is Out” is now running through May 26th at Stage 52, located at 5299 W. Washington Avenue in Los Angeles. Show times: Friday & Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 3 pm.

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